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   Yangon Medical Investment Co., Ltd.The company is located in Yangon Myanmar. It is a professional company mainly engaged in the fields of medical equipment, medical technology and medical finance.

     Yangon Medical Investment Co., Ltd.'s initial partners are doctors and engineers with medical expertise. With many years of work in the medical field, he has rich experience in the industry. Can guarantee to provide customers with professional and sophisticated services.
The company has numerous and partners and suppliers around the world, providing a rich supply of medical products according to customer needs. At the same time, the company has a strong technical staff with a strong technical team, proficient in the installation and commissioning of various equipment and daily maintenance, and can provide fast and professional training for equipment users. The company attaches great importance to after sales and training in order to provide customers with more peace of mind to use equipment to provide services to patients. After-sales service commitment: engineers in Yangon will arrive at the scene 24 hours, and engineers will arrive at the scene 72 hours outside the province.
At present, Yangon Medical Investment Co., Ltd. has three main business areas:
Sale and repair of medical equipment
Provide a full range of equipment and supplies for large hospitals and small clinics.
Basic equipment: hospital beds, wheelchairs, operating tables, surgical lights, monitors, ECG。
Imaging: X-ray, CT, MRI, B-ultrasound, gastroscopy, etc.
Laboratory: biochemistry, blood cells, immunity.
Urology: ESWL. Laser Holmium, etc.
Consumables: suture needle, surgical thread, gauze, cotton ball.

 Maintenance services: Provide maintenance services for various types of medical equipment, such as B-ultrasound, X-ray machines, endoscopes, imaging systems, etc.
Medical project financing, leasing.
Provide financing for some large medical projects according to customer needs, such as in CT, MRI, oncology, urology, specialist clinics, cosmetic and plastic surgery, etc. Able to achieve capital, equipment and technology investment in the whole hospital, general department or a single project.
International medical organization exchange, technical training
Assist in providing communication, cooperation and training for Myanmar doctors, medical institutions and some international medical organizations. It also provides international medical organizations to Myanmar for exchanges, meetings, and assistance projects.
The business philosophy of Yangon Medical Investment Co., Ltd. is: customer first, professional first, service first.
Welcome all friends to come to our company for exchange, let us go hand in hand and work hard to improve people's health.

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